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Desoky & Soda

Street food & Casual dining
For the past years a wide false perception has been built around Street food that it is fast food with low quality and poor presentation, which limited its audience although it’s widely popular between all Egyptians.
This brand came to elevate the standards of the street food cuisine and redefine it by presenting it in a casual dining experience using fresh ingredients and introducing it to a whole new audience sector, this is our bold step to say that this cuisine can be standing next to iternational cuisines and compete with them.
Desoky & Soda didn’t only settle for this, we created a fusion between Egyptian street food and international beverage.
We chose the name Desoky because it’s an authentic Egyptian name that would immaculately express the message behind the concept, along with the addition of the word Soda to illustrate the fusion of street food and the signature mocktails and Soda items in the experience.


Hameed is a Narrow range menu model brand, simple, yet sophisticated in its conception, designed to resonate with the different palates of customers from different backgrounds, ethnicities. With a limited yet varied range of sandwiches, a selected array of appetizers, milkshakes & breakfast items, the model is created to ensure an ease of operations, guarantees the freshness of products and maintains a premium level of quality, IMC power, and of ease of expansion

Vasko Coffee

Vasko Coffee is a specialty coffee house based in Egypt that offers premium coffee drinks to the public shaping a new taste preference to all, while making it close and accessible by expanding around the busiest areas. The brand was established in 2019 with its first branch in Cloud 9 Mall – New Cairo.
Quality has been the highest priority of Vasko Coffee, seeking it in every phase starting from collecting coffee beans across different regions, to applying sophisticated roasting and brewing techniques until reaching the customer’s hand as a final product. Our customers are the daily commuters, business owners, university students, shoppers and basically anyone looking for that perfect cup of coffee. The branches are characterized with a vintage-contemporary style reflecting the brand’s story, atmosphere is cozy full of coffee scent promoting a relaxing atmosphere that is convenient for gatherings, working and spending some quality time, the staff are friendly and our customers come repeatedly to fulfill their caffeine cravings with our unique coffee blends.  Vasko Coffee is to be located on busy morning and evening commute routes, aside of fashion shops, gyms, bookstores, supermarkets within the urban areas and in the commercial, community and strip malls. We aim that by 2025 to establish a total of 30 branches, to be among the biggest chains that offer premium coffee in Egypt and start expanding globally.